Select Lifestyles

Select Lifestyles Place 12th In Sandwell’s Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies 2019!

Everyone at Select Lifestyles has received some great news today.

Not only was it the first time that Select Lifestyles made it into the Top 50, but we placed 12th in Sandwell’s Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies for 2019!

They completed a case study on of our success, below:


Oldbury-based care company Select Lifestyles provides services for adults with learning disabilities across the West Midlands. It opened its first service in 2007 – a day centre in Birmingham.

The company’s vision remains the same as it was then: to embrace the individuality of each person it supports, with a strong emphasis on maximising personal potential. This is particularly evident through Select Lifestyles’ supported living services, which help people live more independent lives within their own purpose-built accommodation or shared home.

Thanks to strong leadership and governance, Select Lifestyles quickly built a reputation for consistent, high-level, flexible care. Now a new marketing strategy focused in Sandwell means growth has significantly accelerated for Select Lifestyles over the last year.

The successful strategy includes localised recruitment, working more closely with local councils, and obtaining new properties in the borough to develop into supported living accommodation. The organisation has shifted its focus from large asset development to smaller four-bedroom rental properties, enabling faster growth.

“We’ve achieved growing quickly without compromising on care quality,” said director Les Trumpeter. “We plan to continue with this current strategy, and eventually return to building our own large developments alongside the rental business”.

The company is rightly proud of its record of taking dilapidated buildings and upgrading them into supported living facilities. They are also very proud of the charity ball they organised which raised £15,000 for Cancer Research.’