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#SelectPrideMonth Spotlight: Carl

At Select Lifestyles, we celebrate our team member’s diversity and unique experiences. Today, we are excited to share an interview with Locality Manager, Carl Limbaga (he/him), who has generously shared his journey and insights.

Get to Know Carl…

Carl has had a remarkable journey. He was previously married to a woman for 18 years and shares two beautiful children aged 17 and 12 with her. Coming from a religious background, he faced significant struggles with his sexuality due to his Catholic upbringing and its non-acceptance in his church.

However, his life took a positive turn when he met his husband, Mike, 12 years ago. Carl now lives happily as a gay man, with the unwavering support of his family.

Fun Fact: Carl’s main hobby is caravanning, and he spends every weekend at his caravan in West Wales.

Journey at Select Lifestyles…

Carl has been with Select Lifestyles since October 2023. He started as a Scheme Manager at Lincoln Road and was promoted to Locality Manager earlier this year. This promotion marked a significant milestone in his career.

During his time at Select Lifestyles, the support he has received from the company has been instrumental in his professional development. Select Lifestyles has been very supportive, helping him to grow and trust in his abilities.

He enjoys working at Select Lifestyles because each day is different and interesting. This variety makes his job satisfying and keeps him motivated.


Carl identifies as gay and prefers the pronouns Him/He. He feels confident and supported in his identity. Although he does not have daily struggles unique to his sexuality, he knows and appreciates that support is available if needed.

Carl hopes to inspire others with his journey by encouraging everyone to be who they want to be and not let others influence their self-perception.

One Piece of Advice…

For anyone considering a career at Select Lifestyles, Carl’s advice is to be true to oneself and not let others dictate who you should be. He believes that the supportive environment at Select Lifestyles is conducive to personal and professional growth.

At Select Lifestyles, we are proud to have such dedicated and inspiring team members. Their stories of resilience and self-acceptance enrich our community and remind us of the importance of diversity and inclusion.


If you are experiencing challenges such as discrimination or stigma, please know you are not alone, and help is available. Our mental health team is here to chat (Contact A Mental Health First Aider). You can also explore support groups through Mind’s contacts to find the right assistance for you.