Select Lifestyles

Dan’s Testimony

Dan Watkins has lived with Select Lifestyles for a few years. During his time with us, Dan was greatly involved with volunteering activities, including being the Service User Representative for our Client Forums. He recently moved back to his home town, Telford, to be closer to his family. However, before he left, he wanted to share a few kind words about the people that looked after him. 


“Donna has been very supportive and helpful in times when I’ve needed a bit extra help. She is a brilliant manager who has understood my needs inside out and taken excellent actions to ensure that I receive the best and most appropriate support where possible. Since Donna started working at Fellows Road, we have always had a good laugh each day she has come to work, she has both supported me and put in place extra support for when I’m either unwell or struggling with my mental health. Donna is an outstanding worker with a great amount of experience (especially working with people that have Autism), and she works really hard to ensure that everyone is smiling, happy and full of joy!

Lastly, I would like to recommend Donna Morris as an outstanding worker, she really deserves the opportunity to further her career within the job she loves doing!”

Check out what else Dan had to say in the video below…