Select Lifestyles


We want you to understand what happens at each stage of the recruitment process at Select Lifestyles.

Our recruitment process is made to be as simple and straightforward as possible.  

Interviews and the process will vary slightly based on the role you are applying to, but we anticipate a successful candidate commencing work with us within 3-6 weeks from us receiving a completed application form.

6-stage process:

Our 6-stage recruitment process aims to engage and attract the best possible applicants within the health and social care industry so that Select Lifestyles can continue to provide safe, effective, compassionate and high-quality care. 

Throughout the process all applicants will be managed by a member of our recruitment team who will manage the full life cycle of the applicants from the initial application being received, to all pre-employment checks being carried out prior to the candidate starting the role.

Stage 1

The candidates application is received via the online portal or via a paper copy and the tracking process begins.

Stage 2

The application is pre-screened against our criteria prior to an interview, all applications that pass this initial stage will progress to stage 3. All unsuccessful candidates will be contacted to be informed that Select Lifestyles will no longer look to pursue their application further.

Stage 3

The interview stage: this will identify any key points that could prohibit us from progressing with the application further. Additionally, it will identify any areas in which applicants may need additional support within their role if successful.

The recruitment team will review interview notes. All successful candidates are contacted via telephone within 48 hours of their interview to initially be offered the role verbally, if accepted we will send a PDF letter via email to confirm the provisional offer of employment. Once the candidate has accepted via written confirmation, all pre-employment checks will begin.

Unsuccessful candidates will be notified via email. Any requests for additional feedback must be requested in writing and addressed to the recruitment department, from here all feedback will be processed within 30 days of receipt.

Stage 4

All successful applicants must satisfy our pre-employment checks, this will include: an enhanced DBS certificate checked against both adult and child workforce, two professional / employment references. In events where the candidate is unable to provide two employment references, we would look to receive three character references.

Stage 5

The recruitment team are satisfied with all the pre-employment checks. From this point, all documentation is handed to the HR department for processing and once signed off, recruitment are given the green light to issue a start date.

The applicant will be contacted to book them onto our ‘Service and Company Induction’. HR will now issue the applicants contract and welcome packs.

From this point we will also notify payroll with the candidates payment details for processing, as well as setting them up on all required internal systems. From this point, the applicant is now an official employee at Select Lifestyles.

Stage 6

Recruitment will contact all new employees throughout their period of probation to gain valuable feedback on the process and ensure that they are doing well in their new role. This will give the candidate a chance to discuss anything they require support with.

Employees will be contacted at the end of their first, fourth and eighth week of employment. A probation meeting will be conducted by the service manager after completing 12 weeks with us.

Additional information on our pre-employment checks

Enhanced DBS

For the enhanced DBS we would require the candidate to provide 3 separate forms of ID with one of them being a photo form. This ID is checked to ensure that it is valid and in-date prior to submitting the application for the enhanced DBS. Additionally, the candidate will be required to provide a 5 year address history along with any name of nationality changes. This ensures the checks carried out by the DBS are done against the correct person stated on the DBS application.

DBS’s returned with information on

In the event the certificate comes back with information on it, we would invite the applicant back to us to complete a ‘Risk Assessment’. This will be carried out by members of the HR department and is set to assess if recruitment can continue to process the application further.

Professional / employment references

These are obtained by the recruitment team and the responsible consultant managing the candidates application will make contact with the companies named as references via email. For the reference to be accepted by us, it must come from the company official email and have an email signature attached to it or in some cases a company stamp on the document.

Character references

We can only accept character references if the referee is not an immediate family member of the applicant and have known the person for a minimum of 2 years. To process a character reference, we would ask the applicant to provide up to date contact details for the referees so that the consultant is able to make contact to confirm any details necessary. For the reference to be accepted they must complete the reference request form with verbal confirmation from the referee.