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Miss B’s Story


Miss B is a female in her 50’s, who lived with her family (mom and dad) until her 40’s. Miss B has a learning disability, autism and complex behavioural difficulties.

Due to these disabilities, her family found it difficult to support and care for their adult disabled daughter and requested help and support from the Local Authority.

Miss B was detained in hospital under the Mental Health Act 1983 for 8 months due to her complex behavioural difficulties. Following her treatment she was discharged to the care of Select Lifestyles having her own tenancy’s within in a supported living accommodation complex.

Miss B has accessed services from Select Lifestyles since 2011, firstly by accessing day services and then moving to supported living accommodation. When Miss B was initially referred to Select Lifestyles, she had never been on holiday or out to the theatre without her family. She has now achieved this activity regularly with her support staff team.

Miss B previously needing sedating in order for blood tests to be completed, however, her strong relationship with her staff team has resulted in her making the positive steps forwards to having the trust of staff to engage and comply with blood tests each month without the need for sedation. Over the last 2 years, Miss B has suffered a Stroke and had 2 DVT’s which her support staff have fully supported her with at home and at hospital.

Before her move to Select Lifestyles, Miss B had never been to the hairdressers but she successfully achieved this activity with Select Lifestyles, and now enjoys having her hair coloured, blow dried and cut on a regular basis. Before her move to supported living accommodation, Miss B had never been on fairground ride. Miss B has achieved this outcome to her huge delight with her support staff, going on a Merry-go-round on a day trip.