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#SelectPrideMonth Spotlight: Zayn

At Select Lifestyles, we cherish the unique experiences and journeys of our clients. Today, we are excited to share an interview with Zayn Amin (he/him), a client at our Supported Living service, Doveridge Place, who has kindly shared his story with us.

Getting to Know Zayn…

Zayn moved in with Select Lifestyles in March 2024. He has been appreciating the 24/7 availability of the staff, who help him with cooking and medication reminders. He loves the modern house and the support it offers. While he dreams of having a self-contained flat, he acknowledges that he isn’t ready for that step just yet.

He enjoys driving and is currently taking lessons, with a driving test coming up soon. Although he doesn’t particularly enjoy video games, he plays them with friends, showing his dedication to his friendships. He loves sleeping and shopping, and although he used to enjoy cycling, he no longer does it as he doesn’t have a bicycle.

Zayn has recently completed his first year of college, studying Health and Social Care, achieving a Distinction grade. He’s also busy volunteering as an Activities Coordinator at a care home and has just started a new food delivery business with his friend.

Life at Select Lifestyles

Zayn describes life at Select Lifestyles as feeling like home, with a strong sense of togetherness and family that he had always been looking for. He loves the house and the services provided, particularly the round-the-clock support and the immaculate cleanliness of the environment.

He is really happy with the service at Select Lifestyles, despite occasionally having outbursts. He understands why he is being corrected and appreciates the supportive environment.


Zayn identifies as a homosexual and uses the pronouns He/Him. He has always been aware of his preference and is very open about it. However, he struggles with talking to men and the idea of being treated differently because of his sexuality.

While Select Lifestyles doesn’t specifically address these challenges, he suggests that something like a speed dating event for those looking for partners could be beneficial. Such events would feel safer and less intimidating since other service users are vetted and trusted.

One Piece of Advice

Zayn advises anyone considering staying with Select Lifestyles to carefully consider what they want to gain from the experience and to accept the help and support being offered. Weighing the pros and cons can help in making a well-informed decision.

At Select Lifestyles, we are proud to have such dedicated and inspiring residents. Andrew’s story of resilience and self-acceptance enriches our community and reminds us of the importance of diversity and inclusion.


If you are experiencing challenges such as discrimination or stigma, please know you are not alone, and help is available. Our mental health team is here to chat (Contact A Mental Health First Aider). You can also explore support groups through Mind’s contacts to find the right assistance for you.