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National Careers Week: Case Study

Our staff teams undergo comprehensive training throughout their tenure to facilitate continuous growth and self-improvement. We prioritize investing in our support teams at all levels, recognising its significance in achieving and surpassing the level of support our clients require daily.

Not only do we deliver essential mandatory training, such as Medication, Safety Interventions, and First Aid. We also facilitate care-related training courses to ensure our staff possess expertise and knowledge across all areas within our industry.

In the previous year, we assisted twelve individuals in attaining Level 3 and 5 National Vocational Qualifications. Presently, one of our Scheme Managers, Sam Morrison, is undertaking the Level 5 Leader in Adult Care qualification through Acacia Training.

Throughout the past 14 months, she has been diligently participating in online classes while simultaneously fulfilling her leadership responsibilities.

Sam shares her progress with us…

“It has been hard for me to balance turning a service around and studying at the same time. I have had to plan my time effectively to ensure that my service is not affected due to my other commitments, including home life. Primarily, the service and the people we support have had to come first. It has been a tough year or so for me, but doing the course has enhanced my learning, and I have learnt an awful lot.

I am proud of what I have achieved so far, and I have had three tutors in the time that I have been studying. This has made it a bit more difficult for me due to the number of changes and no continuity. I honestly did not think that I would be able to get this far, especially as I have never been a registered manager before and with the NVQ 5 being so complex. I now have a supportive tutor who is supporting me in the final hurdle. She gives me confidence and promotes my work in a positive way.

I feel more confident in my role, and the NVQ covers all areas and helps me to look more at positive outcomes and how we can achieve them for the people we support. It helps me to do my job to the best of my abilities, ensuring that the service remains safe and compliant. It bodes well for me, and there is the option to continue studying if I want to and further my career opportunities. I am so glad that Select Lifestyles gave me the opportunity to continue learning as well as managing my own service, for which I am so grateful.”

Sam Morrison

Sam Morrison

Scheme Manager at residential service, Stratford Road

If you are keen to advance your career within the healthcare sector, we encourage you to reach out to us without hesitation via We take great pleasure in witnessing the development and progression of our staff members in their professional lives.

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