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Testimonial: St Marks – shared house service

Just a quick note following my visit last week with Gemma Roberts and Nijah Palmer.  I think as professionals visiting homes, we are often quick to say what can be improved however…

It was an absolute pleasure to visit St Marks the home was welcoming as always and the atmosphere was fabulous everyone was so engaged and even Tarenbir who I have never seen engaged in anything other than his sensory activity, and I have known Tarenbir since school, was joining in.

The team at St Marks have done a brilliant job in supporting Tarenbir and understanding his needs and the staff really should be commended for this. I am sure if he had not been fortunate enough to get this as his home, he would have had placement breakdowns because I am not confident that they would have persevered like yourselves in understanding him to meet his needs.

BST support a PBS approach to care and as I am sure you are aware PBS is a philosophy that needs to run through a care package, and I can honestly say St Marks does exactly this!!!

The knowledge of the people you support as a manager and how you flexibly support your staff is brilliant Gemma rarely do I work with managers who have this knowledge of the service users and even more rarely are they so supportive and flexible in managing a staff team to enable them to feel supported when working with our complex individuals.

We need to bottle what you have created at St Marks!!!!

MS – Behaviour Nurse Specialist